Pennsylvania was settled by Quakers and Puritans. Thus, there are towns with names like Blue Ball, Intercourse, Climax and Desire  (hey, they could have been Bath Addition.  no joke.  Bath Addition is northeast of Philly.).  I grew up in one of these interesting small towns, completely naive and unaware that there was more than one meaning to its name. So, when I went off to university wearing my varsity jacket with BEAVER written in big bold letters across my back, I quickly got a lesson that wasn’t in the books.  That was also when my sense of humor began to blossom.  I do my best to make each custom order special for the recipient and, as often as possible, utilize my quirky sense of humor along the way.

As for the name of this blog…  Always, always there were kids in our house and always, always there were calls for cookies.  Long ago, a friend of our eldest daughter began calling me Mama Mayer.  It stuck.

I like my cookies to be melt.in.the.mouth delicious and pleasing to the eye.  I hope you find mine to be just so.  …with a little fun to make you smile.

Contact information:

email: dianeEmayer@gmail.com         phone/text: 716.984.4743
IG: mamamayerbakery

CURRENTLY BASED near CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE (although i will be back in Denver eventually)!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I am amazed at the delectable beauty that Mama Mayer creates with her cookies! Liana’s westies were the hit of the “pawty” thanks to Diane and her ingenious creations!
    Keep them coming Diane! We can’t get enough!

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