Why Don’t You Come Up and SASHIMI sometime?

#truth  My never ending love of puns extends to every food experience.  Just one trip to my favorite sushi restaurant and these little jokesters started hanging around IG (yep, you can find me at MamaMayerBakery on Instagram).  Oh, and it’s been a summer of humorous inspiration.  Just you wait.



Back to School

Sugaring up those kids before we put them on that bus…Um, apologies to all teachers (except the art teachers- maybe the decorated cookies will inspire someone?).


I wanted to work the shading on the pencils and crayons so I could take a simple design and turn it up a notch.  For the pencil, I watered down the same gel color as the base royal icing and followed the mid point of the cookie, painting after the base had dried-  Americolor deep pink, Rainbow Dust ProGel grey, Americolor egg yellow and ivory. Finished off the cookie with the food safe pen detail and the black RI outline.

pencils DSC_0029

Many thanks to BRPBOXES for making a great presentation a snap!