University of the South

Okay.  I am devoted to the Rainbow Dust double sided professional food pens.  I’ve used them for years, highlighting hand painted cookies, outlining where royal icing designs should go on blank cookies, stamping letters for message cookies, and for little itty bitty lines as needed on these cookies.

For this gathering, the seal for the University of the South was requested. I wanted a festive and pretty way to display them so I used the seal as a flower petal with a simple rose for the center- using the university colors, of course.  The order was for 40 seals but I made 42 (so I could have the correct number of petals for 6 “flowers”).  Advanced planning and thought is incredibly important for a successful cookie presentation.  Don’t forget to consider this planning and prep time if you are either the buyer (it’s a lot of work!) or the seller of fancy decorated cookies. The devil is in the details.U of South 3.jpgDSC_0173


Hang In There

There is always a story behind every cookie set.  This one concerns a young lady working toward her PhD, with a thesis on the issues decimating the Monarch butterfly population as they migrate. There were roadblocks and difficulties in her doctorate life as well.  Here’s how I tied the two together….

butterfly 23butterfly 1

6 OH

I can tell I am (not so) quietly climbing the age ladder.  Two friends turned 60 this year.  Yikes.

Yogi’s wife wanted to remind him that he was 60 and still thrifty, frugal and fabulous… This family always has me smiling with their colorful and bold personalities so I hope they felt the love in my attempt to reflect that!

six OH.jpgSome of these cookies were going to make their way to India (thus the henna theme).DSC_0160DSC_0166

The other big 6.OH set was shipped off to Stockholm.  Stefan and I have been friends since university. We have visited each other as often as possible over the years. Stefan is such an excellent golfer that my first thought was to play up that theme but I opted for (english) puns about his birthday (wish I learned enough Swedish to use their idioms).  The one portrait tile is in honor of 1981 Stefan, when I first visited Sweden. We ended up near the arctic circle to attend a traditional Swedish mid-summer celebration; Stefan had a big blonde mustache at the time and he wore a black leather jacket and cap as we danced the (not really ever dark) evening away!

stefan 2

Powder to the People

I know, I know.  Ski season is almost over (at least in Colorado). But I hope you think it’s better to be late than never.  My homage to that beautiful snow sport on the Rocky Mountain high.

ski wm

The cookie cutters (my current absolute favorite) are from Bobbi’s Cookie Cutters.  So many possibilities!

Flip Side

Okay.  This birthday girl is one of the most adorable ever, full of personality and charm.  Her mom wanted something sweet and age appropriate for her gymnastics themed party.  Both boys and girls would be attending the celebration so I included a cartwheel guy too.  The little girl designs were purchased through sweet Preciosa Barbaran’s Etsy shop, 1EverythingNice.

gymnastic 2

Background stencils came from The Cookie Countess and Killer Zebras. This gold was Wilton’s gold mist (found at WalMart or Michael’s).


The 5 designs:


Ohhh Charlotte, you’re one of the sweetest 6 year olds on the planet:




Our family gets up at dawn to start punking on April’s Fool Day.  I am opting for a kinder, gentler April One in 2016.  One that (I hope) makes you think and laugh.

EGGplant (noun) \’eg, plant\   Egg-yielding vegetation, germinated from those Easter eggs not found in last season’s hunt.EGGplant 1

True story of where next year’s Easter eggs come from… #not.