University of the South

Okay.  I am devoted to the Rainbow Dust double sided professional food pens.  I’ve used them for years, highlighting hand painted cookies, outlining where royal icing designs should go on blank cookies, stamping letters for message cookies, and for little itty bitty lines as needed on these cookies.

For this gathering, the seal for the University of the South was requested. I wanted a festive and pretty way to display them so I used the seal as a flower petal with a simple rose for the center- using the university colors, of course.  The order was for 40 seals but I made 42 (so I could have the correct number of petals for 6 “flowers”).  Advanced planning and thought is incredibly important for a successful cookie presentation.  Don’t forget to consider this planning and prep time if you are either the buyer (it’s a lot of work!) or the seller of fancy decorated cookies. The devil is in the details.U of South 3.jpgDSC_0173