Thanksgiving 2013

My warmest wishes that you are surrounded by happiness…whether that relates to family, friends, football, or a comfy horizontal surface after dinner.

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Do you prefer those potatoes mashed or shredded?  Lotta or latke?  Traditions of family, food and thanks not merging again for tens of thousands of years.  I am so incredibly lucky to have my funny, smart, loyal family.  And, of course, we love our food.  Fabulous, fantastic food.  Hope you and yours enjoy too!

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Happy Harvest

Sugar is in season (isn’t it always?).  I used the edible confetti from Ink4Cakes ( to make the straw, hay, and corn silks.  Love the texture it gives!

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First Book

This is an organization whose cause I can “wrap my hands around”; my small contribution was cookies for their latest fundraiser.  First Book gets new books to children in need.  The local Buffalo advisory board has worked with school districts and partnered with businesses and community programs to do just that.  It earned a 4 star rating (highest possible) from Charity Navigator- rating of non-profits on strength of their finances, control of administrative and fundraising expenses, and transparency of their operations.  If you want to know more, click on this link:

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