Be Mine

A healthy dose of Colorado’s history circles around miners.  Some became quite wealthy and you can still visit their homes today (ie- the unsinkable Molly Brown.  Actually, she was never called Molly until the movie; she went by Maggie or Margaret.). You can also tour the Colorado School of Mines impressive gem and mineral collection for free (and I have).  So when I hear, BE MINE, I don’t think of the usual Valentine.  I went for a more literal interpretation.  Courtesy of those beautiful, rugged Rockies (filled with all kinds of “rocks”), I give you a gem of a valentine… And thank you Neil Young.  Can’t get that song out of my head. Cute presentation thanks to BRPBoxes!





Star Wars Valentine

Let the 2016 valentine season begin.  First up is my ode to Star Wars 2016.  It’s a War on word play.

DSC_0038 DSC_0048

Stick It.

I try to come up with new and fun ways to approach birthday party cookies.  What better time to put a cookie on a stick (well, heavy paper straw to be exact) than when asked to coordinate with a Lacrosse theme?  I created a “field” by cutting out styrofoam sheets to fit in a cake box, covering them with simple construction paper (totally not to scale but I was limited by box size).  I then baked the 20 stick heads, based coated the first side white, and let dry overnight; I used the double sided Rainbow Dust pens to ink in the outline and associated netting.


okay- it’s winter.  Everything starts looking like snowflakes.

I flipped the heads over and used thick royal icing to set the straw on the back side of the cookie.


After an hour or so, I coated the second side with 10 second icing. I toyed around with inking in the nets on the back  as well but 1) decided it looked cleaner without, and 2) decided these were labor intensive enough already. I also made a net cookie for either end of the field.

DSC_0142 DSC_0148

Top view of the field; lower left corner shows the cuts I made to prep for inserting the straw.




Take home favors were also requested- jerseys out of a chocolate cookie.  Just a simple hand painted and stamped jersey with a few penned in accents.

DSC_0116 DSC_0115