Baseball Baby Shower

This little slugger is rounding third base and heading for home.  Always a “hit” to welcome a new baby boy and this baby shower was a sweet nod to his dad’s love of baseball! Used my favorite onsie cutter is from Kaleida Cuts and “baby” cutter from Bobbi’s Cutters on Etsy!





Stick with It

One advantage of waiting so long to post this set is that it is hockey season again (we are in that sweet spot of sports where it is baseball, football, hockey, and basketball season all at once.  Choice is a good thing, right?)

Anyway, back to hockey. … and word play.


Slim Gym

I am not a gym rat but I have a “thing” for dance-y group classes. The more choreography, the better.  Funky, with a side of shake.that.thang, is optimal.  So I thought our AMAZING instructor (with her flawless queueing and unmatched choreography) and her devoted hoot and hollerers deserved some inspired cookies; the brownies were dairy and gluten free to accommodate specific needs in the room. Some of the shirts have been modeled by fellow dancers and some were just one’s I would buy if they were available… Woot woot.

WORKOUT box.jpg

Powder to the People

I know, I know.  Ski season is almost over (at least in Colorado). But I hope you think it’s better to be late than never.  My homage to that beautiful snow sport on the Rocky Mountain high.

ski wm

The cookie cutters (my current absolute favorite) are from Bobbi’s Cookie Cutters.  So many possibilities!

Stick It.

I try to come up with new and fun ways to approach birthday party cookies.  What better time to put a cookie on a stick (well, heavy paper straw to be exact) than when asked to coordinate with a Lacrosse theme?  I created a “field” by cutting out styrofoam sheets to fit in a cake box, covering them with simple construction paper (totally not to scale but I was limited by box size).  I then baked the 20 stick heads, based coated the first side white, and let dry overnight; I used the double sided Rainbow Dust pens to ink in the outline and associated netting.


okay- it’s winter.  Everything starts looking like snowflakes.

I flipped the heads over and used thick royal icing to set the straw on the back side of the cookie.


After an hour or so, I coated the second side with 10 second icing. I toyed around with inking in the nets on the back  as well but 1) decided it looked cleaner without, and 2) decided these were labor intensive enough already. I also made a net cookie for either end of the field.

DSC_0142 DSC_0148

Top view of the field; lower left corner shows the cuts I made to prep for inserting the straw.




Take home favors were also requested- jerseys out of a chocolate cookie.  Just a simple hand painted and stamped jersey with a few penned in accents.

DSC_0116 DSC_0115


Love All

Wanted these cookies to be a “smashing’ success.  Hoped they would “net” an appreciative thank you.   Realized I had met my “match” when the cookies got “served.”  No,  I don’t think these puns are “out of bounds”, they are definitely “in!”


The larger cookies were a simple design of thinned food color gel and (when dried) ink (black edible ink pen by Rainbow Dust).

DSC_0141 DSC_0144

Racket strings were made using PME 0 tip.  Tennis ball color came from a mix of electric green, leaf green and a bit of lemon yellow.  I let the royal icing just start to crust over and then poked them with open safety pin to create texture/fuzz.