Hats Off to the Graduate

Can’t believe that our baby girl is graduating from University.  Not such a baby anymore. We are unbelievably proud of her. As a nod to her achievement, I made these quick three cookies: jumbo-sized for her jumbo-sized accomplishments!  Way to go!

DSC_0183.JPGK grad cookie.jpg


Minnie but Mighty

Bellah turned One in style.  Her party was a Minnie Mouse theme in the colors of pink, white and black.  I added some gold because who doesn’t like gold with pink, black, and white? Last fall I listened to a legal discussion about trademarked characters and so (hopefully) I tap danced my way around any infringement.  Yep, it really is something you have to be careful about.  The things you never think about.  Those unintended consequences.

minnie 3.jpgminnie 1.jpg


Project Healing Waters

Cookies occupy a lot of my time. True, I do put a lot of effort and attention to detail  into crafting these creations- but I do understand that they are, after all, just cookies.  This is why, when I get a chance to (perhaps) help others with my quirky abilities, I contribute. Our local chapter of Project Healing Waters was having a auction fund raiser to which I donated a basket. Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.™ is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings.  Those lovely Rocky Mountains fit this purpose beautifully.  Tried my best to make this basket so fly (fishing).

fly fishing1fly fishing 2

My friend and neighbor, Judy, who is on the Denver chapter board.

fly fishing 3.jpg

Semper Fidelis

Operation Cookie Takeover was started in early 2013 by a group of cookiers who wanted to show support for a friend deployed overseas. The initial concept was to have a small group of cookie decorators send a dozen cookies each, to be passed out among some of the soldiers on base. Thanks to SammieBSweets initiative, many, many cookie decorators have joined in; here is my small but heartfelt thanks to our service men and women.  In particular, this 2016 cookie set went out to a wonderful Marine in the 2/7.  ~Thank you for your service!! I hope the cookies found you safe and sound.~

marines 1marine 2

Hummus Where the Heart Is

I may or may not be a bit obsessive about hummus.  I mean, the chick pea IS quite delicious when reinvented in all those hummus forms and flavors. And so I give you my cookie homage to crudite and dip. Hummus is where the heart is, or stomach…