What a Bright Time

Santa, you’re so fly. Sleighin’ it, year after year.



Merry Fitness and Happy New Rear

Christmas at the gym (thanks for the order Meghann, owner of Trivida).  Surely a good workout is what Santa meant when he said “sleigh it, Rudolf!” Blitzen that workout.

Fitness Christmas.jpg

Fitness Christmas 1.jpg

Fitness Christmas 2.jpg

Deer Me

A very dear (not to be confused with deer) friend has me make place cards for her Christmas Eve dinner every year.  This year she wanted reindeer. I placed them in a snow globe and voila!  Dashing (or dancer, prancer, or vixen.).

snowglobes 1 2016 .jpgsnowglobes 2016.jpg

Red, White, and Rudolf

This set was for my hubby to take to work.  Reindeer have been my cookie buddies as of late (long story) so I had to include Rudolf with some mistletoe.

red and white 2.jpg

The relief ornament decoration was made using a stencil from The Cookie Countess as shown.  Definitely a life saver when it comes to saving time. I used several shades of red and some white to achieve the effect.

DSC_0150 (1).jpgDSC_0151 (1).jpgred and white 3.jpg

The company business involves concrete and aggregates thus the trucks and the “crushes it” idiom!


We Wish You a Dairy Christmas

Just in QUESO you’re going to a holiday wine and cheese party… Or if you have a friend that is a cheesemonger (I do). Really, really- it’s NACHO fault if you are shaking your head; I CAMEMBERT when I didn’t take advantage of every opportunity to make a play on words.

cheesy Christmas.jpg

Southwestern Christmas

The annual girlfriends Christmas party had a southwestern food theme this year.  I asked the hostess if she wanted Christmas or southwestern themed cookies.  Both? she inquired.  Why, yes, we can.

SW Xmas 2.jpg

Wanted to make something “on point…” (or at least pointed.  Looking sharp, eh?)SW Xmas 3.jpg

Who doesn’t think of cow skulls with festive garland when Christmas comes to mind? I mean, really…SW Xmas 1.jpg

American Ninja Warrior

So William turned 6 and celebrated with an obstacle course and a blue, black and white themed party.  With the speed of a ninja, I pulled my trusty “kick backside” cutter out to create his party favors.

The ninja.DSC_0044.jpg

The army.DSC_0043.jpg

With armament (airbrushed wafer paper).ninjas.jpg


NYC to Denver

At one time, they all lived in the same apartment building in the Big Apple. Now the family that has since moved to Denver and wants to entice the other families to do the same. Below is the “cookie postcard” illustrating what Denver has to offer (some adult content, they wanted to include a few of the high life…).

NYC to Denver.jpg

You’ve Got to be Kidneying Me

A very brave and wonderful woman is donating a kidney. I am hoping that a little humor will help ease the stress of the surgery. Now a resident of Denver, she is originally from Boston so that needed to be incorporated into the set.  Kidneys, the Mama Mayer way.