Hall-OH-ween 2013

More halloween.  Bake, decorate, and repeat.  Better get to the gym.  Or yard work.  Or shoveling snow (too early for Buffalo?).

DSC_0341 DSC_0340 DSC_0332


A Cat, a Hat, and a little black Bat

Favors for the ladies at cards.  It’s how I imagined Dr. Suess would celebrate Halloween.  🙂


DSC_0321Made the cat, hat, and bat using royal icing on waxed or parchment paper; I just free-hand drew them for “character.”  Wait at least 4 hours before trying to take them off the paper.

DSC_0327In process… outlined in black royal icing and filled in with colored glaze.  Next, the dots in white royal icing were added, followed by the halloween shapes; this was done while the icing was still wet.  When dry (overnight), I placed them in a pretzel bag and Voila.


Bridal Shower

Amanda and Ryan are tying the knot!  Requested were engagement rings and hearts with the wedding colors of red and silver to be incorporated.  There were 4 dozen cookies in their baker’s box of cookies (like to get a feel for how many are in an order and what that looks like) along with the “A loves R” favors (the 3 cookies fit into a long pretzel bag, then tied with ribbon).  Sweet!

DSC_0410 DSC_0418 DSC_0407

Turning 21

Now 100% legal!  Two fantastic young men turned 21 last week; two different personalities called for 2 different cookie genres.  I had trouble with color bleeding on the beer mugs but, luckily, our birthday boy was in it for the sugar rush.  Used a different colorant for the yellow so maybe that is why it bled?  I’ve trolled the web looking for answers but will certainly take any advise from the all-pro cookie crowd out there.  Win some, lose some.

Got to love Ben Franklin and his wisdom (see pic).

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Halloween 2013

I’ve been feeling a black, white and orange.  Wanted to try a couple designs that I haven’t yet seen on cookies.  Inspiration came from pillows, pirates and places in the far, far recesses of my mind. The witch’s broom was made using the new line of confetti (shredded edible wafer paper) from http://www.ink4cakes.com/Confetti-Colored-Edible-Papers_c_57.html.  Oh the ideas….

DSC_0314DSC_0326 DSC_0332 DSC_0323DSC_0330

Oh Canada!

They are fine folks, those Canadians.  Thanks to plenty of hockey, the Canadian anthem is now forever ingrained in my brain.  Quite frankly, it is way more in my vocal range (assuming that I have one) than the American anthem.  So, when an opportunity came along to cookie integrate a young lady from Louisiana with a young man from Canada, the song was stuck in my head. The couple’s colors didn’t include red but we came close.  The true north, strong and free.  Eh.