Can you tell me a little about the birthday boy, I say?  Well…he likes beer, she says.  Interesting thing to say off the bat- anything more, I ask?  He likes Michelob, regular.  And he has a pontoon boat and likes Dale Jr.  And it’s a ‘turning 50’ party blow out, she adds.  Is it okay to tease him about his milestone age?  Please do.  And away I go…

It’s his 50th birthday:

DSC_0044 DSC_0035

In his NASCAR dreams:


Been wanting to use another of John Atkinson original designs (Wrong Hands blog site– such funny comics with wit and grit)!  Thanks again to John for allowing me permission to put it on a cookie!




The two platters for the party.  The funniest part of this whole order was the set of pictures sent by the party host.  2 were from when Tony was young; then several were from a party in Canada where some over-imbibement happened.  I was specifically instructed to include the on.all.fours.and.hurling photo.  That was a first for this cookier!

DSC_0060 DSC_0075




Turning 21

Now 100% legal!  Two fantastic young men turned 21 last week; two different personalities called for 2 different cookie genres.  I had trouble with color bleeding on the beer mugs but, luckily, our birthday boy was in it for the sugar rush.  Used a different colorant for the yellow so maybe that is why it bled?  I’ve trolled the web looking for answers but will certainly take any advise from the all-pro cookie crowd out there.  Win some, lose some.

Got to love Ben Franklin and his wisdom (see pic).

DSC_0381 DSC_0387 DSC_0425