From Miss to Mrs

It was a blush and gold bridal shower for Caroline.  It was easy peasy to send them their gift straight off of the registry but I wanted to come to the party with something in hand. A small cookie box was appropriate, I think!


In the beginning, there was only white/blush flood and gold…DSC_0133 (1).jpg

Then there were Killer Zebras stencils and Rainbow Dust edible ink pens….

DSC_0158.jpgAnd (hopefully) Caroline saw that it was good.


Scout’s Honor

Connor is loving the scout life.  I think the pinewood car derby has been his favorite activity so far. Snacking on cookies, however, rates pretty high up there too. 200 scout cookies were created for their bridging up celebration.DSC_0025.jpg

To make the cub scout cookies, I started with transfers: I piped the white icing outline of the wolf head (printed out appropriate sized images on a 8×11″ sheet and put a clean/washed acetate sheet over top).


Once the white icing had dried overnight (10 hours), I used edible markers (Rainbow Dust) to mark in the wolf face.


I flooded square cookies with yellow and, while the icing was still wet, placed the transfer in the corner. Again I waited for the cookie to dry overnight before using the same edible blue marker to write “cub scouts” (mimicking the cub scout logo)and adding the blue royal icing outline and fleur de lis.

cub scout 1.jpg

While those were drying, I flooded the circles white (yep, let them dry overnight). The next day I took a red edible ink marker (my trusty set of Rainbow Dust markers) to draw the outline and details of the boy scout logo. To get a cohesive look for the set, I used the same color of blue royal icing to give dimension to the scouting eagle!

boy scout.jpg

I also added some “down by the river” (theme for the night) cookies- but I forgot to take pictures of them!- and some cookies with scouting activity themes (camping, campfires, knots…). Kept that blue icing going!


Here is our awesome scout Connor! Best photo of the blog because he is in it!


Geek is the new Chic

I am so happy for Katherine- that she is graduating from high school and heading to Pitt to study neuroscience.  But, dang, she is the youngest of the swim kids with whom our children hung out! All this growing up is happening!  An era of chlorine is over (I mean, even Michael Phelps is retired now). Yikes!

In any case, it was one last graduation set to make.  I made two platters: one focused on the nerdy inclinations and the other on her future university, Pitt.


For the Geek inside us all (okay, maybe not ALL of us), I focused on some biological responses.  #nerdsrule #chemistryiseverywhere  Those stamped clever/nerdy sayings came from pencils I bought from Newton and the Apple.


But my favorite was the Myelin sheath dress.  (I try to come up with my own clever creations whenever possible.  I think this is another Mama Mayer original.)


Lastly, here are a couple of close ups for the Pitt cookies. I have a thing for puffy cookies….


A Big Deal

It’s a BIG DEAL when friends that you play cards with are such fun and so appreciated! Here’s a nice way to let a couple know that they are the king and queen of the card group.  A sweet way for the client to say thank you? Yep, ACE’d it.

cards wmDSC_0145

Toast the New Year

Hope you are the toast of the town this New Years Eve! Here’s to a wonderful and adventurous 2016.

And, I promise, this is my last word play for 2015…   🙂


Boxed and ready for our New Years host.



Me, My Elf, and I

I have been making place cards for a friend’s Christmas Eve dinner for many years. Santa’s helpers were happy to help, taking a break after working so hard all year long. Hope your holiday meal is a very merry one.



First stage…


Final product:



Oh the wonder of words and idioms.  My fascination with the blend of visual and verbal art continues.  Can you hear the sleigh bells ring, as you listen? Cookies hand painted and trimmed with Rainbow Dust edible ink pens.  Background mat from InkandElmBackrops.