Love you to the Moon and Back

I don’t exactly know who coined the phrase “love you to the moon and back”.  The earliest I remember was when the nutbrown hare said it in the 1994 book “Guess how much I love you.” Sidebar…can you believe that book is 20 years old?   Anyway, I have extreme adoration for this phrase because I associate it with my sister.  She ends her emails with M&B and whispers it in your ear.  My sister is the kind of sister that everyone wishes they had.  I am one lucky girl.


The large cookie is  7.5″x 7.5″ .  I free hand cut this from the dough.  I also did not have a big enough cutter to make the quarter earth so I used my trusty trifle bowl.  Hey, whatever works, right?


I first decorated all of the shapes that would create the top layer.


The bottom cookie took 8 ounces or so of royal icing to completely coat (and I had to momentarily stop about half way through, thus the lines in the dark blue.  darn.  It’s all about the icing consistency- should have made it a little thinner.)  While this was still wet, I put the top cookies in place and dotted the stars.


I piped in the arrows with royal icing after the base dried about 4 hours.  Colors used were AmeriColor deep pink, sky blue, electric green, and royal blue (with a touch of black for background). It fits perfectly into a 8×8″ box to ship to my sister!  Thank you kolettehall for the free printable!




My Punny Valentine

What exactly is a normal person?  I’m still waiting to meet that normal family or witness that normal life.  Thank goodness no 2 people think alike. How boring this world would be if we did?

So, I’m going to embrace the fact that my brain function might be considered abnormal.  Might?  How about we give it a classification of atypical and call it a day?  Here is how my mind intertwines with valentines.


I choose you.

DSC_0556Top row cookies pay homage to Buffalo, NY. We like things spicy 🙂  The next several designs came to mind while listening to Usher’s song Scream. You’re hypnotic, magnetic…

DSC_0558It’s valentiMe!

DSC_0555And lastly, in cahoots with some fruits… also my version of Valentine nutrition.  sigh.

Hats Off

Hats off to Chef’s Restaurant for donating to First Book’s Feed the Need to Read project here in Buffalo.  This project allows First Book WNY to supply books to kids who have never had their own book and/or have none at home.  A big cookie “thank you” for being so generous!

DSC_0557 DSC_0559 DSC_0553

It’s a Jungle Out There

I can’t help it.  The theme from Monk is running through my head.  Oh, Randy Newman!

Baby showers are always fun projects and this jungle animal themed gathering was no exception. Lions and zebras and monkeys, oh my.  Throw in a few palm trees and ta-da!  I wish you could have seen all the decorations at this shower;  Joanne left no moment to chance to make this one of the cutest baby showers ever!

DSC_0590 DSC_0570 DSC_0576 DSC_0589

Storybook Baby Shower

Since both parents are teachers, a literature/storybook theme was a perfect choice for the baby shower.  It is likely that there will be many open books in this baby boy’s future.  But, “In the Beginning,” this cookie will start the celebration of a new life!

The cookie itself was a brown sugar and spice version, care of cookie goddess Bridget Edwards at Bake at 350.  She and her recipes are AH.mazing!

DSC_0559 DSC_0555 DSC_0579

Ode to Polar Vortex

We’ve had our fair share of Buffalo snow and wind over the years but this storm was particularly blustery and bitter!  For those of you who know the area, I 90 was closed from Rochester through the PA border.  Although we were sequestered in our home, we had electricity, heat, and one perfectly delightful fireplace!  I had been wanting to try the dark chocolate cookie recipe from Sweetapolita so ta-da, silver lining for everything.  (thank you Sweetopolita! Delish!)  Here are the results.


Basically I wanted to do a study in 2x4s.  Most might think Lowe’s lumber, but I mean 2 inch by 4 inch, as in cookie terms.  I started with a 4″x4″ cookie and cut in half.DSC_0554

Then I made the earmuffs using a horseshoe and a ruffled circle cookie cutter.mixing cutters

This is my interpretation of snowmen during the blizzard…DSC_0586

Added a little retro snow (LOVE retro!)…DSC_0553

And then the thermometer.DSC_0561

Here’s a through.the.window glimpse of what Buffalo looked like mid-polar vortex…  Appreciating your homestead about now?DSC_0575