Family Reunion (also known as Frew Fest…)

The Frew crew all went to Frewsburg for the Frew Fest.  Phew, that’s a lot of Frew(s).  But how about that?  This Frew clan- of Scottish ancestry- settled long ago in the southwestern corner of New York.  The town grew and prospered and became known as Frewsburg, New York.  Still standing today.  So the descendants of Hugh and Mary Frew appropriately gathered there for their family reunion.  And what delights the young and old at any large gathering (and ages in between)?  Why fun and fancy cookies, of course!  With a theme…


There were a lot of cookies and a lot of Frew attendees!


Minis are such fun: a simple plaid and “F” for (what else) Frew!


Some closer pics… the Lion rampant on the Royal Standard of Scotland!


Scottish thistle.


Nessie.  ‘nuf said.


The cookie designs with Frew in mind.


Scotland supreme on this part of the set.


It’s a Jungle Out There

I can’t help it.  The theme from Monk is running through my head.  Oh, Randy Newman!

Baby showers are always fun projects and this jungle animal themed gathering was no exception. Lions and zebras and monkeys, oh my.  Throw in a few palm trees and ta-da!  I wish you could have seen all the decorations at this shower;  Joanne left no moment to chance to make this one of the cutest baby showers ever!

DSC_0590 DSC_0570 DSC_0576 DSC_0589