Cookies for a party celebrating the “totality” of this solar eclipse! It is a happy set of coincidences that allows us to experience this event. The diameter of Earth’s moon is about 400 times smaller than the diameter of the sun, but it’s also about 400 times closer to us here on Earth (as compared to the distance to the sun). Poof.  The magic of a total eclipse happens. But the moon is slowly moving away from the earth so in , say, 600 million years, the moon will no longer totally cover the sun and earthlings will not be able to see a total eclipse.


Never let a good word play go un-expressed…


Cookies that are out of this world.DSC_0802.jpg

Cosmic, man! Don’t forget to wear your eclipse approved sun shades!



Army Strong

Another cookie set sent to the troops abroad.  Although I do not know the young man who will receive these cookies, I hope he feels my/our support.

army 1.jpg

I air brushed a just baked cookie with three colors, ivory, forest green, yellow- shown here (sorry about the out of focus picture). Then I used a 20 second stiff icing to outline the perimeter and word.  Flooded w 10 second icing and, while still wet, placed little starts from a Texan Sprinkles mix for the just right bling.



Up close…




You’re so Fly

Several times a year I send cookies to service members serving abroad.  This batch made their way to a young man in the Air Force. My thanks in word and cookie.

air force.jpg


For Shore I am Grateful

So I just got a little education about the New Jersey shoreline.  Never knew about Long Beach Island before this summer and boy, was I missing out.  I also learned the “Don’t Give Up the Ship” story, as this flag flies at the host’s house. …thought about using more word play but one has to draw the line in the sand somewhere.

Beachthx 1.jpgBeachthx 2.jpg


Harry Potter Baby Shower

There are a lot of us out there who adore Harry Potter and his magical world.  This expectant mom is especially inclined toward Gryffindor colors. Soon, this new little muggle will be snuggled and celebrate making his or her own magic in the world.




Colorado celebrated 141 years of being in an elevated STATE of mind on August 1. The parties continue through the week and weekend. A large set of these delicious conversation starters made their appearance at one of those celebrations.

Colorado day 2017.jpg


Love Blooms

We joined Todd and Hannah for a weekend that was so incredible it defies words. Their rustic chic wedding combined their love of greenery (okay, maybe Hannah’s love) and the beauty of the area the Hannah calls her childhood home.  First, the botanical cookies…




Their first date involved hot dogs; apparently an impressive amount of hot dogs… Todd likes them plain.

hot dog.jpg

Here are the welcome bag cookies; they wanted to represent the intertwined relationship coming initially from two different states.


The ampersand vine (keeping that rustic floral theme)…

Ampersand 1.jpg

A Good (Eagle) Scout

These young men totally brought it, with their wonderful Eagle Scout projects and honor to the promise! Impressive dedication and hard work.  Cookies for the congratulation ceremony tried to represent appropriately!

Eagle Scout1.jpg

Eagle Scout.jpg


Your Biggest Fan

I have such interesting clients with the best events or occasions to celebrate! Usually they tell me their story, that seed germinates in my brain, and, shortly thereafter, the cookie designs pop out in sugar form. But, every once and a while, a client tells me their story and …. nothing.  Nada. A big fat zero.  This was that customer.  Seriously, the nicest people EVER to work with and my creativity for a fun design was a slow grind to nowhere. Ugh. The occasion was celebrating a milestone with their loyal customers. The product: commercial HVAC.  I wanted to please the engineers (as a kindred soul) so I offered up some samples. The three finalists chosen were:

DSC_0626 (1).jpg

But just to show you how designs evolve, here were the samples I gave them (the theme for the night was “we couldn’t have done it without you”):


I fight myself constantly about designs in another way. I seem to be able to create only complex (aka time consuming) cookies.  Some day I will make cute but relatively simple-to-execute designs.  Today is not that day.




I stink at circles…. sigh.