Great Gatsby

These Gatsby wedding favors were a cinch to create, thanks to fabulous stencils from Melanie at  Killer Zebras! Black and gold were the colors of the day. Gatby 2.jpg

Rokem gold mixed with water was painted at a diagonal directly on to the cookie.  Then the white and black royal icings were piped on and left to dry.


I covered the white icing with a Stenci-Blocker from Stencibelle and airbrushed Amerimist Gold sheen using a KZ stencil.


Gastby 1.jpg

The geometric heart cookie cutter is from Cari at Sinful Cutters.





Bear in Mind

Theodore R M was born on February the 11th! Happy, healthy babies are a great reason to celebrate! These cookies are for a bit belated baby shower celebrating Teddy (that’s what they are going to call him!). Naturally, a teddy bear theme was perfect for the occasion.

teddy 2.jpg

The teddy bears (panda bear cutter from Bobbi’s Cookie Cutters) started with a base coat of brown. Using Lila Loa‘s book for guidance, I mixed chocolate brown with purple to achieve the desired color.  Once that was dry, I dabbed on some spots of same color icing and stippled with a stiff brush to achieve the “teddy bear texture.”


I let that dry for 1 hour and added the arms, nose and feet. After drying overnight, I stippled the arms and added hands.


Simple eye and nose details were added last, along with the rosy cheeks. The flower was made using  wafer paper and a Martha Stewart (I think) Recollections punch (from Michaels).  I painted them silver with a blue center (to match other cookie highlights ).  Flowers were incorporated to match the invitation.

teddy 1.jpg

The stencil airbrushed on the 2 other cookies can be found at Killer Zebras.



Train of Thought

The theme for this 2 year old’s birthday was vintage trains. I used ivory Americolor gel as a base, letting the cookies dry overnight.  I started by airbrushing the blue stripes on the vintage train cookies.  I then “aged” all of the cookies by using a stiff brush and terra cotta dry powder, applied randomly around the edges of the cookies. You could also use a light airbrush coat instead.

train bday.jpg

The rest of the decorating involved royal icing, stamps, and those Rainbow Dust edible pens! I’d CHOO.CHOOse these cute designs for any train themed party!


Ready for pick up!


Scout’s Honor

Connor is loving the scout life.  I think the pinewood car derby has been his favorite activity so far. Snacking on cookies, however, rates pretty high up there too. 200 scout cookies were created for their bridging up celebration.DSC_0025.jpg

To make the cub scout cookies, I started with transfers: I piped the white icing outline of the wolf head (printed out appropriate sized images on a 8×11″ sheet and put a clean/washed acetate sheet over top).


Once the white icing had dried overnight (10 hours), I used edible markers (Rainbow Dust) to mark in the wolf face.


I flooded square cookies with yellow and, while the icing was still wet, placed the transfer in the corner. Again I waited for the cookie to dry overnight before using the same edible blue marker to write “cub scouts” (mimicking the cub scout logo)and adding the blue royal icing outline and fleur de lis.

cub scout 1.jpg

While those were drying, I flooded the circles white (yep, let them dry overnight). The next day I took a red edible ink marker (my trusty set of Rainbow Dust markers) to draw the outline and details of the boy scout logo. To get a cohesive look for the set, I used the same color of blue royal icing to give dimension to the scouting eagle!

boy scout.jpg

I also added some “down by the river” (theme for the night) cookies- but I forgot to take pictures of them!- and some cookies with scouting activity themes (camping, campfires, knots…). Kept that blue icing going!


Here is our awesome scout Connor! Best photo of the blog because he is in it!