Oh Crap!

Yeah.  We’ve all been there.  That day where nothing goes right.  It seems the odds are ever NOT in your favor.  Well, let’s change that ‘oh crappy day’ into ‘oh happy day’ with this play on (some of) our favorite emoji.

oh crap2DSC_0167my nerdy favorite, of course:

oh crap 3



Pardon my French

This set was made for a French teacher who is welcoming a little girl into their lives.  The client wanted some french words; as I do not know French and sometimes question my English, I hope I got it right.  The struggle is real.

eden setLOVEDSC_0138DSC_0137

A Big Deal

It’s a BIG DEAL when friends that you play cards with are such fun and so appreciated! Here’s a nice way to let a couple know that they are the king and queen of the card group.  A sweet way for the client to say thank you? Yep, ACE’d it.

cards wmDSC_0145


Not sure of what cookie favors to take into school for her daughter’s birthday, the client sent me several photos of her incredibly adorable six year old for inspiration. One of the photos showed her hugging her favorite stuffed animal bunny.  Bunny bonanza!  I sketched the idea, passed it by my customer, and was good to go.  The bunny cutter was from the MeriMeri 2015 Easter collection.  I happened to have a small carrot from R&M Internationla Corp‘s mini veggie cutter set that went perfectly for the look of the favor I was trying to achieve.  I am still giggling about the carrot bow tie I gave him…

bunny 1bunny 3DSC_0135

Here are the bunnies in process.  Only 4 colors needed.

bunny prep

And the final presentation of the favors…


I also made 5 folk bunnies for the family to just eat at home (they are amazing and I love my repeat customers!). Playing up the texture…

folk bunny 1

The photos backgrounds are from the wonderful InkandElmBackdrops.


Sweeten the Deal

This set of cookies went out as a thank you to a mortgage company.  Several were personalized using the names of the employees and the rest were a ‘calculated risk.’ mortgage wmDSC_0142

American Girl Inspired

This was the first time I had an American Girl birthday theme.  Lea Clark, the 2016 girl of the year, adventures in Brazil, taking photos of the wildlife and roaming the beaches.  I used patterns similar to her 2 main dresses to celebrate the birthday girl’s 8 years.  Sea turtles were requested but I wanted to throw a colorful parrot and toucan as well.  The butterfly is designed after her hair clip…

amer girl parrot

The camera is a stamp from Michael’s, colored with watered down edible gel. Finished it with my signature (typewriter) stamped letters.

oh snap