Hop to It

Ryan wanted her birthday to be centered around jack rabbits.  I did a cookie take on the invitation artwork (sorry I can’t give the artist credit/wish I knew who her/his name!) and added a few embellishments…


I wanted a soft background with lattice work  (those rabbits had me thinking of Mr. MacGregor’s fence but with something sweet for 5 year old girl …). Stencil hero Killer Zebras came through again with just the right touch.


After I flooded the cookie in pink and airbrushed gold sheen (Americolor), I put the base of white royal icing for the bunny (and the black eyes about 4 hours later).  They dried overnight before I added the details with my trusty Rainbow Dust pens.  Luckily I had some purple flowers I had made with leftover icing from another cookie set; they worked perfectly to sync up with the invite design. And the result:


In MamaMayer’s garden…





All that Jazz

The occasion was a jazz brunch for the ladies.  A New Orleans vibe with all the ‘instrumentation’ of their music was requested.  With a nod to the piano and the color theme of white, black, and mint, I stamped, stenciled and gold highlighted my way to these cookies.

mint jazz2mint jazz

Garden Variety

For the last 3 years I have made garden themed cookies for my green thumbed friend (best gardener ever) Kathy’s birthday. Here is the 2016 version. Hope she found them to be ‘cool as a cucumber!’

garden cookiescool as cucumber

Minnie but Mighty

Bellah turned One in style.  Her party was a Minnie Mouse theme in the colors of pink, white and black.  I added some gold because who doesn’t like gold with pink, black, and white? Last fall I listened to a legal discussion about trademarked characters and so (hopefully) I tap danced my way around any infringement.  Yep, it really is something you have to be careful about.  The things you never think about.  Those unintended consequences.

minnie 3.jpgminnie 1.jpg


Flip Side

Okay.  This birthday girl is one of the most adorable ever, full of personality and charm.  Her mom wanted something sweet and age appropriate for her gymnastics themed party.  Both boys and girls would be attending the celebration so I included a cartwheel guy too.  The little girl designs were purchased through sweet Preciosa Barbaran’s Etsy shop, 1EverythingNice.

gymnastic 2

Background stencils came from The Cookie Countess and Killer Zebras. This gold was Wilton’s gold mist (found at WalMart or Michael’s).


The 5 designs:


Ohhh Charlotte, you’re one of the sweetest 6 year olds on the planet:



American Girl Inspired

This was the first time I had an American Girl birthday theme.  Lea Clark, the 2016 girl of the year, adventures in Brazil, taking photos of the wildlife and roaming the beaches.  I used patterns similar to her 2 main dresses to celebrate the birthday girl’s 8 years.  Sea turtles were requested but I wanted to throw a colorful parrot and toucan as well.  The butterfly is designed after her hair clip…

amer girl parrot

The camera is a stamp from Michael’s, colored with watered down edible gel. Finished it with my signature (typewriter) stamped letters.

oh snap

On the Side of Angels

Although the formal name of this graduate is Angelica, her parents’ pet name for her is Angel.  They wanted that to be somehow incorporated into one of the cookie platters.  Oh, and there was a red dye food allergy in the immediate family so, even though that is one her school, minimize the red. Ask and ye shall receive.


DSC_0001 DSC_0011 DSC_0043

Angelica will be going into a science field at university so I thought the ‘graduated’ cylinder could come out and play.  Once a nerd, forever a nerd.  A nerd with a pun addiction.



Be AUDIT you can be

Party time for a retiring manager of auditors.  Yep, I was stumped for a couple of days on what cookies to make for this celebration.  They didn’t want undo emphasis on the retirement aspect and no teasing about the number of years ‘experience.’ The only specifications were to make the cookies bright and happy.  The client liked the general party hat and balloon idea.

DSC_0589 DSC_0552 DSC_0572

The only other AUDITacious detail was that the retiring gentleman (and others in upper management) all went by their 3 initials; these were used to sign just about everything.  So I incorporated that.  That’s how I roll (the dough).  Only the ‘write’ kind of custom cookies.


DSC_0565 DSC_0587


WTF Party

So, one might ask, what IS a wtf party?  I personally can imagine several scenarios for such an occasion.  None of them were what really precipitated this party.

So a few ladies from the area decided that they and their senior.in.high.school children should have one last hurrah and go away together during spring break.  They were happily enjoying themselves in the bright southern sunshine . Until. Until one of the moms had a life threatening health issue.  It was literally and figuratively heart stopping (over and over again).  She couldn’t even get on the plane to go home to her own doctor.  Surgery had to be performed in the state where she vacationed. Immediately.  This young mom had no previous health concerns, no family history of issues.  Holy beep balls.  Good news is that, after several weeks away, she has returned home. Friends were wanting to celebrate her improved health.  And basically say “WHAT THE….”  How does this happen out of the blue?  Life sure has a way of surprising us.

The only marching orders my gentile client gave me (while apologizing for the theme- not necessary. totally understandable.) was to make pink hearts with a them of  ‘wtf.’ Consider it done.