WTF Party

So, one might ask, what IS a wtf party?  I personally can imagine several scenarios for such an occasion.  None of them were what really precipitated this party.

So a few ladies from the area decided that they and their children should have one last hurrah and go away together during spring break.  They were happily enjoying themselves in the bright southern sunshine . Until. Until one of the moms had a life threatening health issue.  It was literally and figuratively heart stopping (over and over again).  She couldn’t even get on the plane to go home to her own doctor.  Surgery had to be performed in the state where she vacationed. Immediately.  This young mom had no previous health concerns, no family history of issues.  Holy beep balls.  Good news is that, after several weeks away, she has returned home. Friends were wanting to celebrate her improved health.  And basically say “WHAT THE….”  How does this happen out of the blue?  Life sure has a way of surprising us.

The only marching orders my gentile client gave me (while apologizing for the theme- not necessary. totally understandable.) was to make pink hearts with a them of  ‘wtf.’ Consider it done.




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