Junior Prom

Many high schools have one prom where both juniors and seniors can invite guests.  But at Williamsville East, they keep them separate- calling the junior prom “JDD” or junior dinner dance. The school colors are red and yellow with a mascot of a “flame.”  Since there are 3 high schools in the district- north, east and south (not terrifically original but actually quite helpful in understanding their location within the district boundaries), East goes by the letter “e”.  Now you know why there is a flaming “e”…

DSC_0713 DSC_0715 DSC_0716

The box step has particular sentimental meaning to me.  When our eldest was still quite little, my husband taught her how to do the box step.  I can still picture it: her feet on top of Pete’s, arm in arm, walking and talking through the motions.  They giggled and swirled and made exquisite memories.  Tori will always be a papa’s girl.  She loves that man.  Rightfully so.  This cookie is homage to the simple but sweet footwork of the box step.



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