All that Jazz

The occasion was a jazz brunch for the ladies.  A New Orleans vibe with all the ‘instrumentation’ of their music was requested.  With a nod to the piano and the color theme of white, black, and mint, I stamped, stenciled and gold highlighted my way to these cookies.

mint jazz2mint jazz


Take Note

It’s piano recital season again.  I’d like to say that I play the piano but I don’t think I can stretch the truth that far.  We do, however, have a piano in the house and I am a fan of graphic black and white.  I look at sheet music as a visual dance, with patterns and chaos and calm.


The treble and bass clefs were done free hand in royal icing.  The music measure was drawn with an edible ink marker, free hand as well.  I started by drawing the top line followed by each lower line.  Then I added the vertical ends to the measure, the treble clef, notes and squiggles.  The inspiration came from a stamp I saw somewhere along the way.  To make the piano keys, I penned in an outside box and eyeballed 6 equal lines within that box.  Royal icing was used to outline the outside box and add the black keys.

DSC_0737 DSC_0743