Happy Hanukkah 2018

Spread the holiday sCHmEER. (Cheer + schmear= schmeer…)  Here’s to miracles and another year filled with all things light and bright.



Can Do Attitude

John Atkinson, over at Wrong Hands, has me in stitches. Chortling, nonstop.  The way this man thinks is right up my alley. And yes, I have asked to use his cartoons as a jumping off point for cookies. I may or may not have requested permission and then bribed him with cookies. In any case, this set started with inspiration from the brilliant brain of John and modified with some Mayer mania.  It was my set to encourage someone that they could do it!  It’s all about the CAN do attitude.

can do 1.jpg

SLAY Bells Ring

Are you listening? Suffice it to SLAY, those SLAY bells have been ringing! So many folks out there working hard 24/7, slaying their own world.  This is my homage to all you amazing people. MMB offers you props with the proverbial pun.  Keep up the good work and enjoy a bit of down time over the holidays.  Merry everything!!!!



Star Wars Valentine

Let the 2016 valentine season begin.  First up is my ode to Star Wars 2016.  It’s a War on word play.

DSC_0038 DSC_0048

I went to a Garden Party

I have this friend- Kathy- who is smart, kind, funny, clever, incredibly resourceful, etc etc.  You get the idea why any and everyone would want to hang with her!  But in the summertime, it is extra lovely to be her buddy because she grows this incredible garden.  No little plot with a handful of peppers and some tomato plants- rather it is a tilled and crop-rotated masterpiece.  A HUGE undertaking from which we all benefit!  so…I thought it apropos to make her birthday cookies that would help her ‘veg out!’ with something other than veggies.  Surprise, surprise- the puns are back.


What got me thinking about this theme was a trip to Crate and Barrel.  They had some vegetable plates that were humor provoking.  It doesn’t take much to send me in that general direction.  Some of the puns I had seen on-line in various places (wish I had the memory to tell you exactly where) and some just randomly popped into my head.  Hope you find them “wet your p(l)ants” funny!!DSC_0007 DSC_0023 DSC_0013


Be AUDIT you can be

Party time for a retiring manager of auditors.  Yep, I was stumped for a couple of days on what cookies to make for this celebration.  They didn’t want undo emphasis on the retirement aspect and no teasing about the number of years ‘experience.’ The only specifications were to make the cookies bright and happy.  The client liked the general party hat and balloon idea.

DSC_0589 DSC_0552 DSC_0572

The only other AUDITacious detail was that the retiring gentleman (and others in upper management) all went by their 3 initials; these were used to sign just about everything.  So I incorporated that.  That’s how I roll (the dough).  Only the ‘write’ kind of custom cookies.


DSC_0565 DSC_0587


Far away Friends

We’ve lived from sea to shining sea in this wonderful country of ours, moving 7 times in 19 years. Keeping up with our ever-changing address/phone #s requires perseverance and dedication; we are incredibly lucky to have met many WONDERFUL friends that do just that.  It is not easy to maintain daily life and keep in touch, unfortunately.  So, as the summertime picnic season has arrived, I thought this little reminder sent to my far.flung friends would let them know that I am thinking of them in my own “sweet” way.  The cookies were individually wrapped and placed in an old fashioned plastic picnic basket before being boxed up!

Remember this memorial day/bbq season to practice safe picnic habits and always use a condiment.  …too racy to put on a cookie?  …..?

DSC_0661 DSC_0647