Gifts from the Heart

So I have this wonderful card group that gets together for a rambunctious game of 500 every month. We have gone away on weekend trips together, shared our childrens’ ups and downs, and laughed loudly and gleefully while supporting one another.  This was my last time to host/play (did I tell you that we are moving to Denver?) so I wanted to do something special for these lovely ladies. The cookie was a double play on words, as it was holiday gift giving season (Hanukkah and Christmas for our card clan) and I wanted it to be a gift from my heart.


They were made by allowing a base coat of white RI to dry overnight and then hand painting the packages with thinned gel (clear vanilla or vodka to thin).  When that was dry, I used an edible ink black pen to outline.  Took a bit of time but these friends are so worth the effort.  Forgot to take a picture of the final presentation but you can see the tag that was attached.


Inspiration came from a picture I saw when ordering from Fashion and Compassion (helps women overcoming poverty & injustice in the US, South America & Africa). Hope your holiday season is filled with surprisingly pleasant gifts!



Far away Friends

We’ve lived from sea to shining sea in this wonderful country of ours, moving 7 times in 19 years. Keeping up with our ever-changing address/phone #s requires perseverance and dedication; we are incredibly lucky to have met many WONDERFUL friends that do just that.  It is not easy to maintain daily life and keep in touch, unfortunately.  So, as the summertime picnic season has arrived, I thought this little reminder sent to my far.flung friends would let them know that I am thinking of them in my own “sweet” way.  The cookies were individually wrapped and placed in an old fashioned plastic picnic basket before being boxed up!

Remember this memorial day/bbq season to practice safe picnic habits and always use a condiment.  …too racy to put on a cookie?  …..?

DSC_0661 DSC_0647