A Heart-y Valentines

Some splatter technique, some marbling, and (of course) some word play for this year’s love fest.

splatter.jpgsplatter2.jpgGem thx.jpg

splatter4.jpghead over heels.jpg

This Glove offers Love

This mitten is smitten with sprinkles from Texan Sprinkles. Just offering up a little love to a fellow sweets entrepreneur!

Offering love 2.jpg

Offering love1.jpg


Met my Match

Burning for you. You’re so hot. Match made in Heaven. We’re on fire.  The possibilities are endless.

burning for you.jpg

Can’t Live without You

This Valentine’s Day set is dedicated to a constant in my life: coffee.  It’s the BREWtal truth.  It is also my Valentines nod to those who don’t currently have a significant other. Maybe you’ve BEAN there, done that.

cant live wo coffee.jpg

You Rock Paper Scissors

I wish I had thought this idea up on my own. I saw it somewhere on the internet last year (sorry I am not crediting the “author”; let me know if you know who that is); the idea has been in the back recesses of my mind ever since waiting to be cookie.fied.  It works beautifully as a Valentines set. We’re (not) playing games this February 14th!

You rock paper scissors 1.jpg

You rock paper scissors.jpg

Off the Cuff

My hubby and I have been married for 32 years (so far) and these cookies shipped off to our friends that were there from the very beginning.  We had an opportunity to visit their home town after not seeing them for a very, way-too-very long time.  The 4 of us were right back to our roots, laughing and exchanging stories like in days gone past. Couldn’t have been more wonderful! But, somewhere along the way, I realized that they had never experienced MamaMayerBakery decorated cookies.  Preposterous!  To cure that ill, I sent some valentine-ish cookies (it was that time of the year) for the pediatrician’s office where our friend works.  She sent me the logo for the Children’s Clinic East to incorporate and my usual way with word play took over.

off the cuff wm 1DSC_0120