This Glove offers Love

This mitten is smitten with sprinkles from Texan Sprinkles. Just offering up a little love to a fellow sweets entrepreneur!

Offering love 2.jpg

Offering love1.jpg



Met my Match

Burning for you. You’re so hot. Match made in Heaven. We’re on fire.  The possibilities are endless.

burning for you.jpg

Can’t Live without You

This Valentine’s Day set is dedicated to a constant in my life: coffee.  It’s the BREWtal truth.  It is also my Valentines nod to those who don’t currently have a significant other. Maybe you’ve BEAN there, done that.

cant live wo coffee.jpg

Be Mine

A healthy dose of Colorado’s history circles around miners.  Some became quite wealthy and you can still visit their homes today (ie- the unsinkable Molly Brown.  Actually, she was never called Molly until the movie; she went by Maggie or Margaret.). You can also tour the Colorado School of Mines impressive gem and mineral collection for free (and I have).  So when I hear, BE MINE, I don’t think of the usual Valentine.  I went for a more literal interpretation.  Courtesy of those beautiful, rugged Rockies (filled with all kinds of “rocks”), I give you a gem of a valentine… And thank you Neil Young.  Can’t get that song out of my head. Cute presentation thanks to BRPBoxes!