A Heart-y Valentines

Some splatter technique, some marbling, and (of course) some word play for this year’s love fest.

splatter.jpgsplatter2.jpgGem thx.jpg

splatter4.jpghead over heels.jpg


Can’t Live without You

This Valentine’s Day set is dedicated to a constant in my life: coffee.  It’s the BREWtal truth.  It is also my Valentines nod to those who don’t currently have a significant other. Maybe you’ve BEAN there, done that.

cant live wo coffee.jpg

You Rock Paper Scissors

I wish I had thought this idea up on my own. I saw it somewhere on the internet last year (sorry I am not crediting the “author”; let me know if you know who that is); the idea has been in the back recesses of my mind ever since waiting to be cookie.fied.  It works beautifully as a Valentines set. We’re (not) playing games this February 14th!

You rock paper scissors 1.jpg

You rock paper scissors.jpg

Star Wars Valentine

Let the 2016 valentine season begin.  First up is my ode to Star Wars 2016.  It’s a War on word play.

DSC_0038 DSC_0048

Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

Hope this day is all that you would hope it to be- whether you are in it for love, hate, or simply the massive quantities of candy.  Sorry for the late posting.  I realize that it is almost

ValenTIME…  This is FOURm me TWO you.


Our daughters are amazing young ladies; they are the BALM diggity! Here’s how I let them know.

ur the balm DSC_0020

Okay, I am not KITTEN around anymore. These were for my cat loving friend.  My take on the retro ‘smitten kitten.’

DSC_0015 DSC_0019

Other Valentines

Just some other Valentines Day cookies…  happy 14th!

A cookie a day keeps the doctor hap.pay!


Hope there was no bitter in your Valentines Day…


You make me happy…


Did Cupid’s arrow hit the mark?


Cookie stack.


Mixed heart plate.


More conversation hearts.


Conversation Hearts

Traditional cookies designs are not usually my “thing”…  but conversation hearts open up endless possibilities on what to write.  I went with simple food related topics on happy, bright colors.  I didn’t know whether I preferred hand printing with food markers or stamping with “typewriter” font.  Typewriter won the day but I have a few of the other too.


I started by using flood consistency royal icing in deep pink, sky blue, electric green, and white to cover heart shaped cookies.  I let them dry overnight (8 hours- ish) before handling them again.


I mixed a little almond extract with red red Americolor gel and painted it on the top of my rubber letter stamps.  To assure alignment, I Scotch taped the “word” together for even spacing.  I experimented doing a few free hand too; that resulted in an old school, quirky typeface look.


The sky is the limit as to what message you want to convey!  Let me know what works for you?!

DSC_0574 DSC_0565 conversation hearts