Conversation Hearts

Traditional cookies designs are not usually my “thing”…  but conversation hearts open up endless possibilities on what to write.  I went with simple food related topics on happy, bright colors.  I didn’t know whether I preferred hand printing with food markers or stamping with “typewriter” font.  Typewriter won the day but I have a few of the other too.


I started by using flood consistency royal icing in deep pink, sky blue, electric green, and white to cover heart shaped cookies.  I let them dry overnight (8 hours- ish) before handling them again.


I mixed a little almond extract with red red Americolor gel and painted it on the top of my rubber letter stamps.  To assure alignment, I Scotch taped the “word” together for even spacing.  I experimented doing a few free hand too; that resulted in an old school, quirky typeface look.


The sky is the limit as to what message you want to convey!  Let me know what works for you?!

DSC_0574 DSC_0565 conversation hearts


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