Star Wars Valentine

Let the 2016 valentine season begin.  First up is my ode to Star Wars 2016.  It’s a War on word play.

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Leprechauns 2015

I sat staring at the shamrock cookie cutter in my hand, hoping for a different IRSIHistible design to magically pop into my head. Gratefully, I flashed back to Patti Paige’s/Baked Ideas‘ many clever and sensational cookies (MUST buy her book “Can’t Judge a Cookie by its Cutter!”).  Okay, look, some flashbacks are a positive thing. At least I hope YOU think so….  Here is my simple and funky wee leprechaun (and a little ‘how to’):

DSC_0030 DSC_0025 DSC_0018

Simple Santa

I wanted to design some simple but sweet cookies this year involving Santa.  Something geometric but not complicated.  Here is that design!


These are the steps involved in creating them.  Sorry about the poor quality of the first photos.  One day I will make myself a photo booth…

I first made the “oval face” using a bit of ivory food coloring.  That dried for 4 hours before I added his red hat.


While the red hat was still wet, I sprinkled on coarse, clear sugar crystals.


Then I worked on his beard.  A quick coat of RI white with little round white non-pariels and voila!


I let this all set overnight (isn’t necessary if you are careful) and got to work on his face.  A Q-Tip to add his blush and two simple wide eyes with black royal icing, Santa was complete.


The finished product!  Ho.ho.hope you like!

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“To be or not to be” entranced by the wit and prose of Shakespeare?  The Bard certainly affected the English language.  More than most people might guess, actually.  These cookies were made in honor of some of the phrases which he penned that live on in our everyday vocabulary.  Thanks Will.

These particular parchments were made for cast members from Williamsville East High School Shakespeariment Club; this year they performed their own interpretation of the comedy Twelfth Night.

DSC_0643 DSC_0652 DSC_0659 DSC_0649 DSC_0668

Bouncing Baby Boy

This was a quick, last minute addition to the baking schedule.  Friend at work asked for a box of cookies for a new baby boy.  Such a happy time, the arrival of a new little one.  Onesies are a go-to shape for new baby cookies and I must admit that I have a ‘thing’ for argyle.  I also was happy to try a design that had been sleeping in the recesses of my mind: mommy loves daddy loves baby loves mommy…. a little more work to make that just right but you get the gist.

DSC_0647 momluvdad DSC_0655

Hello Hawaii!

What’s not to like when combining cookies and a trip to Hawaii?  My marching orders were 12 Hawaiian themed cookies each for 2 couples heading to Oahu.   And I had creative control of the com! I included sweets relating back to some of my fondest memories of our visits to the fair islands.


Heather Brown is this incredible artist that captures the brilliant color, motion and culture associated with the Hawaiian surf.  So captivated by her style was I that I had an original piece shipped home to Buffalo; now I can stare at it and be transported back …  This cookie was made in honor of her aesthetic and talent.


Um.  The pineapples.  Oh, those juicy, fresh, ridiculously sweet pineapples! If I remember correctly, the plant was not native to Hawaii but took quite nicely to the volcanic soil.  Definitely quite nicely.


What would a tourist trip to Hawaii be without a luau?  Here is my coconut bra and grass skirt ode to said celebration.


Lots of carvings and Polynesian culture on the islands. Or, you could just have a drink at the Tiki Hut…


Including sea turtles was the only request from my customer.  Although I have only seen turtles on Hilton Head Island or in zoos, I hope this replica was close enough.


So the laid back culture is really, really true.  Some flip flops, a little shaka, and you’ll be taking time to smell the hibiscus.


Boxed and ready to go! Wish I was “ready to go!”

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Petals in my Pocket

So this centerpiece platter is a perfect example of how my brain plays “association.”  I latch on to a thread (spring time bridal shower and the’s love of  happy flowers) and off my thoughts go!  What is happier than daisies, right?  Jump to “he loves me”, “he loves me not.”  No negativity at such a happy occasion so that becomes “he loves me lots.”  Which also rhymes with “we’re tying the knot.” And you pick a petal, so a big cookie that does so too, why not?  And as I think of multiple daisies, I start humming the song “Daisy Bell” (circa 1892, thank you Harry Dacre).  ***Google “Daisy Bell” and you will find a fun story about the origin of the lyrics– it always comes back to either love or money or both! Or Hal from the movie: 2001, a Space Odyssy***  Floated around the idea of using the “I’m half crazy” part but opted for a more appropriate “give me your answer” nod to the wedding vow “I do!”  and placed that with the bicycle built for two! Back to picking things, the bride picked the groom and visa versa and Bob’s your uncle, platter is planned!  Anyway, hope you’re not half crazy following my creation process.  um.  Enjoy the pictures, at least?

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