Ahhhhh.  Maine in the summer.  Truly a slice of heaven on earth.  Friends invited us up for a concert, good company, and a traditional lobster dinner! I had to think of something CLAWsome to bring with us and here is the resulting gift box.  Please forgive the misspelling of buoy.  Didn’t catch my error until we were already on our way.  Still , they are cookies… they put their indignation aside.




You’re ‘da Bomb

It takes a special family to host a student on internship for the whole summer; this is the thank you that went to that family.  Can you guess where she interned/where they lived? Yep, you got it. Los Alamos, home to the famous Laboratory (ahem, nerd internship perfection) and birthplace of the first atomic bomb. This set was my homage to that notable (??? notorious) distinction.

Los Alamos.jpg

Background stencils from the lovely Melanie at Killer Zebras. Silver Sheen airbrush color from Americolor Corp.  Silver disco dust on “thank you” from Sunflower Sugar Art.


Star Wars Valentine

Let the 2016 valentine season begin.  First up is my ode to Star Wars 2016.  It’s a War on word play.

DSC_0038 DSC_0048

Why Don’t You Come Up and SASHIMI sometime?

#truth  My never ending love of puns extends to every food experience.  Just one trip to my favorite sushi restaurant and these little jokesters started hanging around IG (yep, you can find me at MamaMayerBakery on Instagram).  Oh, and it’s been a summer of humorous inspiration.  Just you wait.


University of Florida

Had a request to make cookies for a young lady heading to the University of Florida.  How can you say no to a GATOR? Because I needed a very quick turn around on making these cookies,  I opted for some logos using simple edible pens and stencils to compliment the traditional royal icing decorating.

DSC_0017 DSC_0030 DSC_0039

Mother Lode

So Denver had 70 degree sunny days in January and, here it is, Mother’s day in mid-May, and we are expecting thunder snow.  That Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve.  Moving on to other tricks, I included some word play and pictograms in this first playful Mother’s day set. See if you can figure them out (answers at the end of the blog. wink. wink.).

momday DSC_0039 9 yards DSC_0038

In the second set, I overloaded in the gushy and the sentimental.  The aim was to make a story board in cookie form…along with writing a poem to my children. (It is our second-born that is the wordsmith so take my musings with a grain of salt).  My kids are anything and everything for which a mom could ever hope. Thanks to them, we’re celebrating me on Mother’s day.  Oh, and, thank you Hallmark.

Then I thought of my mother. My mom was a quiet role model of strength and perseverance. I never heard her complain, even though life threw a full arsenal of difficulties her way.  My dad died suddenly and unexpectedly when I was 3. In a time that it was uncommon, she went to university (graduated top of her class), converted the second floor of the house into an apartment as well as sold my dad’s cameras (he was a professional photographer)/anything else of value to help pay bills, took in my grandmother (after my grandfather died), sewed/made the clothes on our backs, took us on every.other.year camping vacations (the only way she could afford) to show us the wonders of the USA, and robbed.Peter.to.pay.Paul to put me through an expensive engineering school.  Such incredible people in my life.  Sometimes, you just get lucky as all get-out.

DSC_0015 DSC_0020 DSC_0026

(one in a million, the whole nine yards, fantastic)