It is my tradition to create a “punny” cookie set for my friend Kathy’s birthday.  She has the mother of all green thumbs and her garden is a wonder to behold. Her produce has inspired many a cookie veggie tale.  But lately, she has also been planting a veritable forest of trees on her property.  Mother Nature is so proud.

Oh yeah.  And she made me this incredible charcuterie board I used to stage the cookies!!

tree pun 4.jpg


Happy Hanukkah 2018

Spread the holiday sCHmEER. (Cheer + schmear= schmeer…)  Here’s to miracles and another year filled with all things light and bright.


Can Do Attitude

John Atkinson, over at Wrong Hands, has me in stitches. Chortling, nonstop.  The way this man thinks is right up my alley. And yes, I have asked to use his cartoons as a jumping off point for cookies. I may or may not have requested permission and then bribed him with cookies. In any case, this set started with inspiration from the brilliant brain of John and modified with some Mayer mania.  It was my set to encourage someone that they could do it!  It’s all about the CAN do attitude.

can do 1.jpg

Law and Order

Yes, I really do know the most incredible people.  Seriously.  Accomplished, interesting, nuanced folks.  Dan is one of those “complete package” guys.  He has made me chortle with laughter, tear up at his kindness, and shake my head at what can fit in his 24 hour day.  So, my word play cohort, go forth and rock Stanford Law School!law.jpg

Breakfast of Champions

2016 Fathers Day set #2.  Although this set could be for anyone who has been supportive! These particular cookies were for a guy that LOVES his breakfasts. Has been known to have breakfast for dinner or snacks some days. And, perhaps more notably, he is the MOST wonderful dad (okay, truth in lending, my hubby is the inspiration for these). He has been so supportive of our two girls and has doled out some hysterical and on point advice…unlike their mother, he gives it only when asked!).  We are incredibly fortunate!


To make the waffle, I started with a square cookie and iced a square grid as shown below. While I let the grid dry, I made the egg, butter pat, and bacon on a separate piece of acetate (or use parchment paper) and let that sit overnight.  Next, I thinned down a small batch of ivory tinted royal icing to a very runny consistency and poured that over the square cookie, letting excess run off. As that set up, I made the ‘syrup’ icing and peeled off the egg, etc transfers. I painted on some dimension to the small squares within the waffle and let that dry.  Then I semi-poured, semi-helped (with a paint brush) the syrup icing to flow where i wanted it.  Added the transfers and stamped the words. Quite happy with how the waffle turned out.  The bacon needs work.



GRATEst Valentine Ever

Who doesn’t love a cheesy Valentine? Well, this is certainly one of my GRATEst ever.  So zesty.  Ripping the word play to shreds!

GRATEst 2 wmDSC_0121GRATEst1 wm

The Whole Enchilada

This past weekend, we were visiting Hilton Head Island, SC – riding our bikes near Coligny Circle.  Low and behold, the Aunt Chiladas Tex Mex cafe appears before us like a cookie inspiration from the Cinco de Mayo gods! (Apparently there is a same name/totally different restaurant in AZ and CT too). Meanwhile, I was cookie-fying some book designs for a wedding in August and thought I’d raise the bar to include a literary reference (hmmm. more like belly up to…).  And so, I present my take on Cinco de Mayo 2015.  May your day be “the whole enchilada!”



To Kill A Mockingbird


But first, COFFEE!

Um.  Essential to life.  Right?  What’s not to love about coffee?  As I paid homage to tea, I felt it necessary to compliment my other hot beverage of choice.  The word “coffee” entered the English language in 1582 via the Dutch koffie, borrowed from the Turkish kahve, in turn borrowed from the Arabic qahwa, a truncation of qahhwat al-bun ‘wine of the bean’.

Here’s how the cookies for my caffeine-addicted friend turned out.

DSC_0014 DSC_0021

Not all cookies make the grade. To prove the point, here are some ideas that I played around with that did not turn out as I had hoped.  Whomp whomp.  Please try to remember only the ones that made the grade. 🙂