Toast the New Year

Hope you are the toast of the town this New Years Eve! Here’s to a wonderful and adventurous 2016.

And, I promise, this is my last word play for 2015…   🙂


Boxed and ready for our New Years host.




Happy New Year 2015

Again with the small bites for many people.  I’m hoping to spread cookie kindness like confetti tonight.  Lots of food will be offered so these little guys will fit the grazing mentality.  Here’s to a delectable and delightful start to 2015!  Cheers!

DSC_0036 DSC_0037

New Year Resolutions

I belong to a couple of fitness clubs, as I have exercise ADD and adore this instructor over here and that type of class over there… Over the holidays I bring in cookies, including a a bakers box of cookies to one large group. The incredible fitness instructor for this group, April, motivates you to work hard while finding balance and humor in the daily grind; thus, she has a HUGE following.  These exercisers, however, may or may not eat cookies on a regular basis.  So I like to bring in a lot of cookies that are only a bite or two each.  I kinda missed getting it done before Christmas this year so I went for a New Year theme.


Do you make a resolution for the start of a new year?  If so, do you quantify it (try 3 vegetables you never had before), make them broad and fuzzy (be more patient), or keep it short and sweet (dance in a puddle)? No matter; I just hope you find something in 2015 that puts the fire in your belly to make something positive happen.