New Year Resolutions

I belong to a couple of fitness clubs, as I have exercise ADD and adore this instructor over here and that type of class over there… Over the holidays I bring in cookies, including a a bakers box of cookies to one large group. The incredible fitness instructor for this group, April, motivates you to work hard while finding balance and humor in the daily grind; thus, she has a HUGE following.  These exercisers, however, may or may not eat cookies on a regular basis.  So I like to bring in a lot of cookies that are only a bite or two each.  I kinda missed getting it done before Christmas this year so I went for a New Year theme.


Do you make a resolution for the start of a new year?  If so, do you quantify it (try 3 vegetables you never had before), make them broad and fuzzy (be more patient), or keep it short and sweet (dance in a puddle)? No matter; I just hope you find something in 2015 that puts the fire in your belly to make something positive happen.



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