Happy Halloween 2020

Once in a blue moon comes a Halloween and a second October full moon on a Saturday. But, as all things 2020, it was tempered with a few tricks to go along with the treats. Hope you found sweetness in the simple things.


Halloween 2018

Graciously, Meri Meri allowed me to capture their 2018 Halloween designs in cookie form.  These went out to the yearly GO BO Bake Sale, fundraising to fight childhood cancer. Here’s hoping that one day we will find the way to cure or prevent cancer.



A Cat, a Hat, and a little black Bat

Favors for the ladies at cards.  It’s how I imagined Dr. Suess would celebrate Halloween.  🙂


DSC_0321Made the cat, hat, and bat using royal icing on waxed or parchment paper; I just free-hand drew them for “character.”  Wait at least 4 hours before trying to take them off the paper.

DSC_0327In process… outlined in black royal icing and filled in with colored glaze.  Next, the dots in white royal icing were added, followed by the halloween shapes; this was done while the icing was still wet.  When dry (overnight), I placed them in a pretzel bag and Voila.