Love All

Wanted these cookies to be a “smashing’ success.  Hoped they would “net” an appreciative thank you.   Realized I had met my “match” when the cookies got “served.”  No,  I don’t think these puns are “out of bounds”, they are definitely “in!”


The larger cookies were a simple design of thinned food color gel and (when dried) ink (black edible ink pen by Rainbow Dust).

DSC_0141 DSC_0144

Racket strings were made using PME 0 tip.  Tennis ball color came from a mix of electric green, leaf green and a bit of lemon yellow.  I let the royal icing just start to crust over and then poked them with open safety pin to create texture/fuzz.




2 thoughts on “Love All

    • Colorado Cottage laws do not allow me to ship outside of the state. But I can ship within Colorado. Mostly, I deliver them or folks come to our home to pick up the cookies here in Denver. Thank you for your sweet comments!

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