Happy Fall 2014

Enjoy the autumn colors and scents.  Let the coziness of fleece and fireplaces begin.


Leaf it Be

The colors have been amazing here in Buffalo.  Maple and oak and birch make for a lovely mix.  The temperature is dropping now as are the leaves.  Cookies in tribute to the stunning fall display courtesy of our yard (last 4 pics).

DSC_0327 DSC_0332 IMG_4252 IMG_4253 DSC_0331DSC_0317

“Fall” for these Autumn Ideas

Do I love the crisp days of autumn when having the oven on is appreciated?  Yes indeed!  I also love the colors of the fall.  Here is my interpretation of the trees in our yard; New England has nothing on the maples and oaks of Buffalo (pretty both places).  Also have an urn with a stack of pumpkins that defy gravity…hopefully the winds of Sandy too.

I ran the Farmer’s Market at the high school and I needed a way to thank the volunteers.  The ceramic plates I used were from Crate and Barrel (come in a pack of 12) but Wegmans now carries plastic plates of all shapes and sizes so that could be a cheaper option.  The tags were from the Container Store.  …Put a personalized note on the back of the tag for each of my wonderful helpers!