Autumn in New Hampshire

The hubby and I are experiencing fall in New Hampshire for the first time.  We hiked the Welch and Dickey Loop recently and experienced a beautiful combination of granite and autumn leaf views. Although there were pops of red and bright orange, the scene was this most amazing, gentle gradient of yellows with undertones of gold and brown.  Almost ombre.  My inspiration for the peaceful and pretty pumpkins.  And on the drive home I spied this adirondack chair with a skull/jack o lantern face cut out of the back.  You know that was meant to be a cookie.  #cookieplatesfortheneighbors

ombre pumpkin.jpg

ombre pumpkin1.jpg

skull chair.jpg


Leaf it Be

The colors have been amazing here in Buffalo.  Maple and oak and birch make for a lovely mix.  The temperature is dropping now as are the leaves.  Cookies in tribute to the stunning fall display courtesy of our yard (last 4 pics).

DSC_0327 DSC_0332 IMG_4252 IMG_4253 DSC_0331DSC_0317