FALLing for you

Autumn, in all it’s splendor, is my favorite time of the year.  To celebrate the colors of the season, I baked some “autumnal” mini cookies to hand out to the neighbors! Just a little color to enjoy before we quiet down for winter.

Fall 1.jpg

Fall 17.jpg


“Fall” for these Autumn Ideas

Do I love the crisp days of autumn when having the oven on is appreciated?  Yes indeed!  I also love the colors of the fall.  Here is my interpretation of the trees in our yard; New England has nothing on the maples and oaks of Buffalo (pretty both places).  Also have an urn with a stack of pumpkins that defy gravity…hopefully the winds of Sandy too.

I ran the Farmer’s Market at the high school and I needed a way to thank the volunteers.  The ceramic plates I used were from Crate and Barrel (come in a pack of 12) but Wegmans now carries plastic plates of all shapes and sizes so that could be a cheaper option.  The tags were from the Container Store.  …Put a personalized note on the back of the tag for each of my wonderful helpers!