Happily Ever After

Lindsey and Chance are having their Cinderella ending (actually a beginning…). They wanted to extend their “happily ever after” wedding theme to the rehearsal dinner and welcome bags.

Lindsey's wedding 1.jpg

Glass slipper place cards were requested for the rehearsal dinner.


As well as Clock Towers and Carriages.


The out of town guests received Colorado-themed welcome boxes that included individualized glass slippers, carriages with the Colorado flag, and a story book cookie showcasing our Colorado mountains.

Happily Ever After 3.jpg

Happily Ever After 5.jpg


2 thoughts on “Happily Ever After

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your talents, creativity and humor through your cookies! I would love to see a video or explanation showing how you piped the names in the above font. I love it! Also, is the banner across the carriage an overlay or part of the cookie??
    Again, thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Joyce! Thank you for your sweet words! For these names, I used a font called Karla Script that I purchased from Fontbundles. I sized the names to the cookie and projected the lettering from my kopykake (it is a projector, you can also use a Pico). I followed the outline with icing (Emma Sweets on IG has videos for techniques and Icing consistency). The names were in a straight line, however, so I jury-rigged the design to go at a diagonal down the shoe as I went. I am learning calligraphy,but until I am at a certain proficiency, I use the aid of font programs. The banner on the carriage is wafer paper that I cut out freehand. I did the writing with edible ink pens, also freehand to mimic the Karla Script font. I used a dab or two of white icing to ‘glue’ to the carriage (after the carriage icing was dry). A thin layer of gel could also be used. Hope this helps! Thanks for playing along with MMB!

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