Media Production and Lavender

I may have said this before but it bears repeating… it’s all about what the customer wants.  As always, I asked for the back story for the order.  I found out that these cookies would be made for a graduate that was quite the active, busy girl! High on her interest hit list were singing in a choir, participating in human rights activities for the Summer Institute, and writing for the NeXt section of the Buffalo News.  Also, in a short week or two,  she would be heading to Buffalo State to study Media Production. But first we had graduation cookies to personalize just for her!!!  The theme was Provence, which made me think of lavender fields.  “Kismet” says her mom as she sent me screen shots of the lavender invitation and centerpieces! So one platter was dedicated to Eliza’s interests and one to LAVENDER!DSC_0046



The Buffalo State logo was a combination of pen, paint, and layering of royal icing (RI).


These NeXt newspapers were made with a base coat of RI and a quick session with an edible ink pen!


To represent media design, I chose a sound board, old school radio broadcast microphone, video camera, and (maybe old school?) traditional newsprint.


The two designs for centerpieces mimicked the centerpieces that mom had made for the tables: 1) tall lavender in a terra cotta pot and 2) sprigs of purple and thistle in a mason jar.  These also combined royal icing and hand painting.

DSC_0009 DSC_0003