Lobster Award

wpid-wp-1428028557165Ah shucks.  Totally surprised and pleased to be nominated for the Lobster Award (er, Liebster Award) by Art of Food Puns ; it’s a sweet way of spotlighting small, newer blogs. If you are a fan of puns, please check out Art of Food Puns! Full of chortling out-loud, clever word play.  Hurray for another person who believes that it’s totally okay to play with your food!

Here are the questions they would like us to answer:

1. What’s the most delicious food/meal you’ve ever eaten? Who made it?

When I was etty betty, I liked my mom’s spaghetti.  Is that alright already?

2. Name your favorite vegetable.

Lettuce live with peas and hominy (ok, maybe not hominy but definitely lettuce and peas)

3. What inspired you today?

Guiry’s- the art supply and paint store.  And my children.  Always my children.

4. Give us a pun! 

Lettuce Romaine friends, oh kale yeah!

Per the pass-it-on protocol, here is the blog I would like to nominate for the Liebster Award. I am off-topic as he is not a startup blog and has quite the huge following… but you really have to check his material.  So, so brilliant. Really, really:

Wrong Hands (the incredible John Atkinson)

If we nominated your blog and you would like to participate, 1.) link the person who nominated you (that would be us) to your blog post, 2.) answer the questions given to you by the nominator (us again), and 3.) nominate other bloggers for the award who have fewer than 200 followers. Also, 4.) create questions for your nominees to answer and 5.) let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Here is the questions we would like YOU to answer:

1. What made you start to draw?

2. Who influence(s)d your ‘pun’ery the most?

3. What/Who makes you laugh the hardest?

4. Give us a pun!


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