Go Plaid and You Won’t be Sad

This holiday party was non denominational, with no jolly old elf or reindeer to be included. The invite was all about the plaid with decorations including sprigs of pine and pine cones. Oh and, um, moose and squirrels were involved. Not in a relationship like Bullwinkle and Rocky or anything.  Just in a woodlands creature sort of way.


Plaid 2.jpg

Plaid 3.jpg

Plaid 6.jpg

Plaid 5.jpg


Monograms and Marriage

My niece had her ceremony at the beautiful Moonstone Manor in Pennsylvania.  Mary couldn’t have looked more radiant and Jimmy any more pleased!  Her bridesmaids wore an eggplant/plum color that was used throughout the setting.  Thus the cookie color along with the happy couple’s monogram.
DSC_0304 DSC_0311 DSC_0317