Walking Dead

I had never seen the show when I got this birthday party platter order.  Several episodes and some research later, I did my best not to be too gore.and.gross without losing the excitement and anticipation of the apocalyptic zombie world (really unbelievable makeup artists and effects).


So my favorite crazy thing on the shows I watched (amongst a LOT of crazy things) was that the mother never knew where her kid was with zombie death lying around every corner.  This resulted in my ‘missing poster’ child friendly milk carton.  For personalization, I added the birthday boy’s name and his birth date in the UPC symbol.  It’s all about the details, baby.


Zombie road sign.


Some clever person thought of this wordplay on the Subway motto.  Not me though I wish it was.  Perfect in any case.


Michonne was Sean’s favorite character so I had to paint her in warrior stance.  This and the barbed wire are examples of ‘watercolor and ink’- my favorite medium only using thinned down food gel and edible ink pens!

DSC_0011 DSC_0021

Just remember…DON’T GIT BIT!