Ugly Sweater cookies

Um.  Such a party!  One person had an Ipad playing either a roaring fireplace or Happy Feet built into his sweater.  Another had “Madonna cones,” appropriately placed.  There were flashing lights, fur, and balls hung with care (ornaments, I mean).  And, of course, cookies.

DSC_0368 DSC_0365


Feeding the Masses at Christmas

It’s usually quite busy around the holidays so I was trying to think of simple but quick ways to feed a relatively large number of people.  Two of these trays were inspired by 2 different cookie queens (I bow before their amazing talents):  the original idea for the tree was from MelissaJoy and the poinsettia from Sweet Sugar Belle.  Melissa Joy’s tree offered 30 cookies and I needed more like 60.  So I made the trees smaller, 2-3 bite size/3″ tall but narrow.  The poinsettia platter was made for a specifically requested number of cookies but this is another design where lots of small leaves and several small rounds in the center could make it a large group winner.  The last plate is a santa hat along the same lines.  I think I would change up the red cookie size or shape next time I made this but at least the cookies were delicious.  In any case, these simple and sweet designs allow you to bake and decorate and still have time for wrapping presents, eggnog, mistletoe?.

DSC_0341 DSC_0365 DSC_0354