One in a Minion

Despicable Me minions were requested for birthday favors/a party platter, with some female versions included!  Conveniently, Sweet Ambs had just posted a tutorial on minion.making and, if ever anyone knew cookie decorating, it would be the awe-inspiring Amber Spiegel.  So I followed her directions other than also making a female version (birthday girl really likes blue so dresses are blue not the green from the movie), royal icing in my own “eyes,”  and using my own hearts (saying thank you to the guests, etc.).  The bigger minions (from 4″ rounds) all had unique faces but the favor sized (3″ tall rectangles) were the same design.


Step one was flooding the little hearts and letting them dry.  About 6 hours later I painted on the “thx” or “luv” or “Liana.” In the meanwhile, I  did the yellow face background.  I let this dry for 4 hours (Sweet Ambs did not but I had an errand to run.  It worked for me.).  Next was putting on the pants and dresses; I placed the heart on while the icing was wet, basically as soon as the pants on each cookie was completed.  For the dress, I added the dots and bottom trim while the icing was wet first and then added the heart.

DSC_0568 DSC_0573

Then I continued following Sweet Ambs directions.  Here’s how they turned out.

DSC_0595 DSC_0579

After drying overnight, I put a boy and a girl (or Stewart dressed up as a girl) minion back to back to place in the favor bag.  Added a cute little tag and they were ready for the guests!

DSC_0608 DSC_0612


One thought on “One in a Minion

  1. Thank you Diane! These were the hit of the party! Even the Owners of the craft studio were impressed! We should have ordered more!

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