Vera Bradley Birthday Party

Midnight Blues is the pattern.  I definitely saw midnight and a LOT of blue when decorating the cookies for this birthday party…

Requested were 12 favors that had the pattern on a purse plus one large cookie cake.  I took the daisy within the pattern and made the “cake” such that guests could pull a large petal or a small cookie, depending on their appetite.DSC_0695

I didn’t have a cookie cutter to match so I sized a 4×4″ purse on card stock and hand cut the shape.


The base layer was a very saturated (half and half Americolor royal blue and black, required lots of gel to achieve the color).


After drying the base overnight, I began applying the flower pattern.  Yellow= Lemon yellow with a drop or two of egg yellow.  Blue= Royal blue: just a little bit for the light blue and several drops more for the darker.  Green= Leaf green. Orange= orange. Purple= Violet with a couple drops of regal purple.  Americolor gels all.  I wish I could tell you exactly how many drops but 1) I mixed without counting & 2) it does depend on how much icing you are tinting.  I had sketched a pattern first to balance the colors on the cookie and it mostly worked.  That is also why I always, always make an extra cookie or two for my “oops.”

DSC_0564 DSC_0562 DSC_0567 DSC_0568 DSC_0653 DSC_0659

Here’s how they turned out against a print of the original design.


Next I moved on to the cookie cake.  Sorry but it required a little math.  I measured the serving platter diameter and from there figured out how wide top and bottom each petal needed to be, considering that I would have a 4″ circular center and 8 petals, etc.  (If you really want to know how to calculate the measurements, comment back and I will tell.  A little boring.)  Made a hole with/for a candle in top cookie of stack.  Did this BEFORE I baked the cookies.

DSC_0665 DSC_0668 DSC_0673

I cut out a cookie stack (using cutter set where each cookie gets slightly smaller) for the center to support the happy birthday sticks.  Unfortunately, it was late at night and I mistakenly thought I needed 12 sticks.  Um, “happy birthday” has 13 places, even without a space.  Duh.  So that’s why the sticks weren’t flat around the stack.  My bad.  Just do the math better than me and it will all fit.   These sticks happened to be 3″x .75″ each.

DSC_0669 DSC_0680

One more look at the entire production!



2 thoughts on “Vera Bradley Birthday Party

  1. Wow. You are amazing! They ate so unique and unlike anything I’ve seen. I had some questions. Do you use glaze or royal icing? Would you share your recipe/technique?

    • Hi Angie! I mostly use Royal Icing because I can’t get the details with glaze. (But glaze is my favorite for flavor and texture so I use it whenever I can.)
      You can email me at with any other questions (that require longer answers)! Thanks for the positive feedback!!!

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