Hello Hawaii!

What’s not to like when combining cookies and a trip to Hawaii?  My marching orders were 12 Hawaiian themed cookies each for 2 couples heading to Oahu.   And I had creative control of the com! I included sweets relating back to some of my fondest memories of our visits to the fair islands.


Heather Brown is this incredible artist that captures the brilliant color, motion and culture associated with the Hawaiian surf.  So captivated by her style was I that I had an original piece shipped home to Buffalo; now I can stare at it and be transported back …  This cookie was made in honor of her aesthetic and talent.


Um.  The pineapples.  Oh, those juicy, fresh, ridiculously sweet pineapples! If I remember correctly, the plant was not native to Hawaii but took quite nicely to the volcanic soil.  Definitely quite nicely.


What would a tourist trip to Hawaii be without a luau?  Here is my coconut bra and grass skirt ode to said celebration.


Lots of carvings and Polynesian culture on the islands. Or, you could just have a drink at the Tiki Hut…


Including sea turtles was the only request from my customer.  Although I have only seen turtles on Hilton Head Island or in zoos, I hope this replica was close enough.


So the laid back culture is really, really true.  Some flip flops, a little shaka, and you’ll be taking time to smell the hibiscus.


Boxed and ready to go! Wish I was “ready to go!”

DSC_0643 DSC_0649